What to Expect at Your Ketamine Infusion Appointment

What to Expect at Your Ketamine Infusion Appointment - UT

Your Guide to Navigating a Ketamine Infusion Appointment

Venturing into the realm of ketamine infusion therapy at Empathetix Wellness in Millcreek, UT, signals a bold step towards addressing mental health challenges differently.

With variegated forms of treatment emerging, integrating ketamine’s role as a receptor
antagonist opens new avenues for combatting disorders like depression, anxiety, and chronic

As you contemplate this novel therapy, being informed not only elevates your comfort but also
the efficacy of the experience.

Your journey, underpinned by Empathetix’s robust support system, demands attention to
preparation, the intricacies of the session, and subsequent care.

Keep reading to arm yourself with the essential knowledge that will prime you for what to
anticipate before, during, and after your ketamine infusion.

Preparing for Your Ketamine Infusion Therapy

As you ready yourself for your appointment at Empathetix Wellness for a ketamine infusion,
understanding each step prepares you for a seamless experience.

You’re not just visiting for treatment; you’re taking a decisive step towards potentially altering
your mental health landscape.

It’s crucial to complete any pre-treatment assessments to give the clinicians a clear picture of
your current state and treatment needs.

Furthermore, adhering to fasting guidelines can impact the efficacy of the therapy, while the
right clothing ensures comfort throughout the session.

Knowing exactly what to wear and which personal items to bring can help foster a sense of
preparedness and ease.

Let’s get you set up for your visit with key preparation tips to optimize the impact of your

Understanding the Purpose of Your Visit

Embarking on a journey with ketamine infusion therapy at Empathetix Wellness places you at
the forefront of cutting-edge mental health treatment. Whether managing conditions like
depression, anxiety disorders, or chronic pain, your purpose hinges on embracing a
transformative approach that taps into the unique properties of ketamine as an NMDA receptor

Your journey’s intent is not solely medicinal; it transcends traditional therapy by potentially
reshaping neural pathways and cognition. This exploration into neuroscience with the
Empathetix team is geared towards facilitating a shift in behavior and mood, a testament to the
intersection of empathy, science, and ketamine infusion research.

Completing Necessary Pre-Treatment Assessments

Before your anticipated session at Empathetix Wellness, completing pre-treatment assessments
is vital. These evaluations are carefully designed to ascertain your suitability for ketamine
therapy and pinpoint any particular needs tied to your mental health concerns, such as
depression, anxiety disorder, or chronic pain.

These assessments provide the clinicians with precious insights into your medical history,
present state of health, and potential indications for the session. Prior to treatment, getting in
touch with the Empathetix team to clarify doubts and ensure you have submitted all necessary
information safeguards a guided and secure experience.

Fasting Guidelines and Dietary Restrictions

Prior to your ketamine infusion at Empathetix Wellness, adhering to fasting guidelines is non-
negotiable for your safety and to enhance the treatment’s efficacy. Your last meal should
typically be consumed several hours before your appointment; specifics on timing and any
dietary restrictions will be provided by your care team.

Mindfulness about what enters your body before the infusion not only prepares your system for
optimal absorption but also minimizes the risk of nausea and vomiting, which are possible side
effects. Trust in the instructions your clinician imparts, as they are tailored to ensure your
comfort and support the transformative potential of your therapy experience.

What to Wear and Bring to Your Appointment

Selecting your outfit for the ketamine infusion is less about fashion and more about fostering
your own comfort and tranquility. Opt for loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that doesn’t constrict
any part of your body, as you will be in a resting position for the duration of the infusion.

In addition to your attire, remember to bring any necessary documents, such as your ID and
insurance details, that the clinic has requested. While personal effects should be kept to a
minimum, consider an item like a small blanket or a pair of socks to enhance your personal
comfort in the clinic’s environment.

The Step-by-Step Process of Ketamine Infusion

Approaching your ketamine infusion appointment means entering a meticulously structured
process designed to maximize both your comfort and the therapeutic potential of the treatment.

From the moment you walk through the doors of Empathetix Wellness, each step is
crucial—from initial consultation to post-session care.

You’ll find yourself in capable hands as your clinician carefully orchestrates the setup of
sophisticated monitoring equipment, attentively administers the ketamine, and continuously
adjusts the infusion rate to tailor your experience.

As your session wraps up, you’ll receive guidance on next steps to ensure your journey towards
improved mental well-being continues beyond the clinic’s comforting confines.

Let’s explore these phases in detail so you can approach your appointment with confidence and

Check-in and Initial Consultation

Upon arrival at Empathetix Wellness, your first encounter sets the stage for your ketamine
infusion journey. Your session begins with a warm welcome and a check-in process, where your
pre-arranged documentation is verified, and any last-minute queries are addressed.

During the initial consultation, your clinician engages with you to review your mental health
goals, discuss the specifics of your personalized infusion plan, and obtain your informed
consent. This prelude to treatment ensures that you enter the therapy space feeling confident
and fully briefed on the journey ahead.

Setting Up the Infusion and Monitoring Equipment

Upon settling into the comfortable and serene therapy room, you’ll notice the team at
Empathetix Wellness efficiently arranging the infusion apparatus and meticulously fine-tuning
the sophisticated monitoring gear that will track your vital signs throughout the procedure. Every
electrode placement and intravenous line is positioned with care to ensure your safety and the
precision of the ketamine administration.

Your clinician will supervise the establishment of an intravenous access point, often in the arm

or hand, through which ketamine will be delivered. Meanwhile, devices to monitor your heart
rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels will be attached, a standard protocol that allows the
team to observe your physiological responses during the infusion, ensuring real-time
adjustments and intervention if required.

The Administration of Ketamine

Once you are comfortably settled and all safety measures are in place, your clinician will begin
the precise administration of ketamine. This delivery is expertly calibrated to your specific
dosage requirements, ensuring a controlled and carefully monitored therapeutic experience
tailored to your individual needs.

During the infusion, you may encounter a variety of sensations, such as a sense of relaxation or
a feeling of detachment from your usual thought patterns. It’s important to remember that these
are expected aspects of the treatment and your clinician is present to guide you through the
experience and address any concerns you may have.

Monitoring and Adjusting the Infusion Rate

Your clinician remains vigilant as the ketamine infusion progresses, poised to adjust the rate in
response to your body’s cues. This attentiveness is key to customizing your treatment, ensuring
optimal engagement with your receptor sites and maintaining a balance that aligns with your
tolerance and therapeutic objectives.

Feedback from your body’s response plays a significant role during this phase, as your clinician
fine-tunes the infusion to sustain a stable and effective level of ketamine. Constant monitoring of
vital signs allows for adjustments that can help navigate the delicate equilibrium between drug
efficacy and your comfort.

Concluding the Session and Next Steps

As your immersive ketamine experience gradually winds down, a period of quiet reflection and
recovery marks the transition back to everyday awareness. Your clinician will gently guide you
through this phase, ensuring you feel grounded and stable before considering departure.

Building upon the insights gained during your session, your clinician will collaborate with you to
craft a personalized aftercare plan. This will involve scheduling any follow-up appointments and
discussing strategies to integrate the therapeutic benefits into your daily life, reinforcing the
positive shifts achieved at Empathetix Wellness.

During the Infusion: What It Feels Like

Navigating the sensory and psychological landscape of a ketamine infusion demands a
nuanced understanding of what you might feel during the process.
As the treatment unfolds, you’ll traverse a range of common sensations that are integral to

ketamine’s impact on your brain chemistry.
It’s essential to maintain open lines of communication with your healthcare providers as they
accompany you through this therapeutic expedition.

Embracing the shifts in consciousness ketamine brings is a delicate dance, and being well-
informed equips you to adjust to the ketamine’s effects with resilience and awareness.

Prepare to acquaint yourself with the experiential nuances of this infusion therapy, where your
comfort and safety reign supreme.

Common Sensations and Experiences During Infusion

As the ketamine begins to circulate through your bloodstream, you might perceive a unique
alteration in your sensory perceptions, likened sometimes to a mild dissociative state. Subtle
changes in the way you process auditory and visual stimuli can lead to a feeling of distancing
from your usual sensory experiences, a key characteristic of ketamine’s therapeutic action as an
NMDA receptor antagonist.

Emotions and thoughts often take on a different texture during infusion, with many patients
reporting a sense of inner calm and detachment from stressors that typically provoke anxiety or
pain. This altered state is temporary and monitored closely by your clinician to ensure safety
and comfort throughout the transformative phase of the treatment.

Communication With Healthcare Providers During Treatment

Maintaining an open dialogue with healthcare providers during your ketamine infusion is
indispensable. Their presence is your safety net; ensuring they are informed of any shifts in your
comfort level allows them to adjust the therapy in real-time, ensuring your well-being remains at
the forefront of the session.

Your providers are trained to interpret both verbal and non-verbal cues, creating a responsive
environment attuned to your needs. Trust in their expertise, and don’t hesitate to voice any
sensations or concerns that arise; your input is the compass guiding the therapeutic course of
your infusion.

Adjusting to the Effects of Ketamine

Adapting to ketamine’s influence entails a hand-in-hand journey with your distinct internal
landscape. As the session unfolds, your ability to surrender to the infusion’s progress dictates
the smoothness of your experience, with each moment presenting an opportunity to release
preconceived notions and embrace the therapeutic effects.

Acclimatization to this medicine’s impact on your consciousness requires a blend of patience
and openness. Your clinician’s support serves as an anchor, providing you the security to let the
ketamine gently recalibrate the intricate networks within your brain, potentially easing the
burdens of conditions such as depression or chronic pain.

Safety Measures and Support Throughout the Session

Your well-being during a ketamine infusion is the pinnacle of concern for the team at Empathetix

Vigilant attention is dedicated to establishing a sanctuary where safety prevails, and individual
care is paramount.

As you settle into the sanctuary of the infusion space, it’s vital to recognize that every aspect of
your session is underpinned by stringent safety protocols and emergency procedures, ready to
be enacted if needed.

Support staff members remain alert to your signals, orchestrating patient monitoring with
precision and catering to your comfort without interruption.

Throughout the experience, your personal needs are met with understanding and prompt
responsiveness, ensuring that the journey remains as reassuring as it is healing.

Safety Protocols and Emergency Procedures

Your peace of mind is the linchpin of Empathetix Wellness’s approach to ketamine infusion
therapy. Integral to this commitment is a comprehensive framework of safety protocols—each
detail, from the meticulous sterility of equipment to the precise dosing of medication, is
orchestrated to uphold the highest standards of care and mitigate any risks.

In the event of an unexpected reaction, rest assured, emergency procedures are in place,
furnished with medical interventions for rapid response. The staff’s training in emergency care
equips them to act swiftly and effectively, ensuring your health is vigilantly safeguarded
throughout your journey toward wellness.

Role of the Support Staff and Patient Monitoring

The vigilant eyes of the support staff are your guardians throughout the infusion process,
meticulously observing every nuance of your physiological response. With active monitoring,
they ensure your journey with ketamine remains calibrated to your individual needs, adjusting
protocols and communicating with medical personnel at a moment’s notice to maintain your

Empathetix Wellness’s clinicians are adept in patient monitoring, their expertise acting as a
touchstone for your safety during the infusion. They interpret vital signs, attending to subtleties
in heart rate and blood pressure, providing an unwavering foundation of care that allows you to
submit to the therapeutic process with ease and assurance.

Comfort Measures and Personal Needs Handling

Your quest for enhanced mental health at Empathetix Wellness is met with personalized comfort

measures. From the ambient tranquility of the therapy room to the compassionate presence of
skilled clinicians, each element is carefully chosen to create a nurturing environment that
responds to your personal needs during the infusion.

Anticipate an experience designed to accommodate your comfort preferences, with
modifications available, such as dimmed lighting or additional warmth, to ensure your ketamine
infusion journey feels secure, private, and as soothing as possible. At all times, the focus is on
your relaxation and ease, enabling the most favorable conditions for therapeutic success.

Post-Infusion Recovery and Care

As the fog of the infusion gently lifts, attention shifts to your immediate post-infusion experience.
Recovering from ketamine therapy involves meticulous observation to ensure your wellbeing.
In the sanctuary of the recovery room, steps are tailored to your needs: replenishing fluids,
evaluating your readiness to transition back into daily life, and confirming the secure
arrangement for your journey home.

This essential phase prioritizes a smooth re-entrance into your routine, with support and clear
criteria for discharge from the compassionate Empathetix Wellness team.

Immediate Post-Infusion Observations

Once your ketamine infusion concludes, the Empathetix Wellness team will observe you closely,
ensuring your mental clarity and physical stability are returning as expected. This critical
observation period is essential to affirm that the treatment’s immediate effects are subsiding,
allowing you to regain your bearings safely.

During this time, the team evaluates your responses and recovery pace, keenly attuned to
support your transition towards post-treatment awareness. They are prepared to assist should
any disorientation or mild side effects persist, providing care and reassurance as you emerge
from the ketamine experience.

Recovery Room Stay and Hydration

Following the cessation of your ketamine infusion, the calm of the recovery room offers a place
for gradual reorientation. Here, the Empathetix Wellness team ensures you’re comfortably
hydrated, a key part of the recuperation process, helping to clear the medication from your
system and stabilize your wellbeing.

As your senses sharpen and awareness blooms once more, the staff remains attentive,
proactively offering fluids to replenish your body and bolster your recovery. This hydration is not
only a physical necessity but also a nurturing gesture, marking the closing steps of your visit
and the onset of renewed clarity.

Criteria for Discharge and Arranging Transportation

Before you depart from Empathetix Wellness, your clinician will conduct a formal evaluation to
ensure you meet all the criteria for discharge. This includes verifying you’ve regained full
alertness, your vital signs are in the normal range, and any potential side effects are securely

It’s essential to arrange for safe transportation after your infusion therapy; driving is not
recommended. Confirming a ride home with a trusted friend, family member, or a ride service is
a necessary step, allowing you to focus on your recovery without the demands of navigating
back to your residence.

Understanding Potential Side Effects and Risks

Gaining insight into the side effects and risks associated with ketamine infusion therapy is a
pivotal part of your treatment journey at Empathetix Wellness.

While many experience the session with minimal difficulties, being aware of what might occur
post-treatment allows you to navigate health changes confidently.

From identifying the nuances between common and rare side effects to managing them
effectively in the comfort of your home, knowledge empowers you.

Crucially, discerning when to get in touch with medical professionals for further advice ensures
your safety and the continuation of your wellness path.

Equip yourself with essential strategies to maintain your health following the transformative
experience of ketamine infusion therapy.

Identifying Common and Rare Side Effects

Discerning between ordinary and less frequent side effects equips you to better handle your
post-ketamine infusion experience. Common effects might include feelings of dizziness,
euphoria, or nausea, which typically subside relatively quickly.

In contrast, it is rare, but possible, to encounter more serious side effects such as substantial
changes in blood pressure, disorienting dissociation, or even temporary impairments in
cognition. Should these rare events occur, it’s imperative to contact your healthcare provider
without delay.

Managing Side Effects at Home

If you find yourself facing any side effects once back in the comfort of your home, managing
them becomes your top priority. Remember to rest and stay hydrated to help your body recover
smoothly, and keep the Empathetix Wellness contact details handy, should you need to reach
out for support or advice.
Should symptoms like a mild headache or a feeling of fatigue surface, give yourself permission

to relax and allow time for these common responses to pass. However, if you encounter
anything more severe or unusual, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your health care provider to
discuss the best course of action.

When to Seek Further Medical Advice

Should you experience any alarming or persistent side effects following your ketamine infusion,
prompt medical advice is crucial. Vigilance is key; if symptoms such as prolonged disorientation,
severe dizziness, or significant changes in blood pressure arise, it’s essential to consult your
healthcare provider immediately to ensure your safety and health.

In the event that symptoms intensify, or you notice unexpected health alterations in the days
following your treatment, don’t delay in seeking assistance. Reach out to the professionals at
Empathetix Wellness or your primary care physician to discuss your specific concerns, enabling
a swift and appropriate response to any pressing medical needs.

Follow-Up and Evaluating the Effects of Treatment

Following your ketamine infusion at Empathetix Wellness, the journey toward mental health
refinement continues.

Your subsequent interactions with your care providers play a crucial role in leveraging the full
benefits of treatment.

You are encouraged to schedule follow-up appointments, during which you can assess and
communicate any improvements in your symptoms with your provider.

This ongoing dialogue facilitates a comprehensive understanding of your response to therapy
and helps shape decisions regarding long-term care, including considerations for additional

Your active participation in this post-treatment phase is instrumental in steering the outcomes
and upholding the progress achieved.

Scheduling Follow-Up Appointments

Arranging follow-up appointments forms the crux of your ketamine treatment post-care, creating
moments to discuss and reflect on the shifts you’re experiencing. These sessions are key
touchpoints that enable your providers at Empathetix Wellness to fine-tune your care strategy,
ensuring that you continue to reap the therapeutic benefits.

Securing these subsequent meetings is straightforward; simply reach out via email or phone call
to the Empathetix team, setting up times that align with your evolving health trajectory. Your
engagement in this step is essential, signaling your commitment to sustained mental wellness
and allowing for adjustments based on your body’s and mind’s responses to the infusion.

Assessing Improvements and Discussing Them With Your Provider

Reflecting on your mental health journey after a ketamine infusion, you might notice subtle or more pronounced shifts within. It’s imperative during follow-up appointments at Empathetix Wellness to articulate these changes to your provider, who will gauge the strides made in areas such as mood stabilization or pain management. Your input plays a pivotal role in the meticulous assessment of the treatment’s impact on your wellbeing.

Dialogue with your clinician about your progress is an important opportunity to align the outcomes of the ketamine infusion with your health goals. As your provider listens intently, they gather critical information to potentially refine your treatment plan or recommend complementary therapies, ensuring a holistic approach to maintaining the improvements you’ve achieved.

Long-Term Care and Potential for Additional Sessions

Evaluating the effectiveness of your ketamine infusion therapy extends beyond the initial sessions and into the realm of long-term care. Your clinician at Empathetix Wellness will work with you to consider whether additional treatment sessions could further enhance your mental
health trajectory or if maintenance sessions are appropriate for sustaining ongoing benefits.

Long-term care often involves integrating other forms of therapy that complement the effects of ketamine on your mental well-being. Your treatment plan might include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or other modalities personalized to your needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to supporting your journey toward health.


Embarking on a ketamine infusion therapy session at Empathetix Wellness signifies a collaborative effort towards mental health improvement, with a clear understanding of the
process enhancing readiness and comfort.

Meticulous preparation, informed by pre-treatment assessments and adherence to safety protocols, paves the way for a tailored and responsive treatment experience.

Post-infusion, identifying and managing side effects ensures a smooth transition back into daily life, while follow-up care is crucial in cementing the therapy’s benefits and guiding long-term
wellness strategies.

This guide empowers you with the knowledge to actively engage with each step of your ketamine infusion journey, fostering confidence and maximizing therapeutic outcomes.

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